Ian’s Update February 2014


December again has flown by and, as always, was the busiest period of the year for the Band. 19 different sessions or concerts with over 40hrs of playing time were crammed in between 30th November and 24th December, stretching from Mundesley to Hingham!  A big thanks to all who supported us, especially with the 4 concerts in Taverham the week before Christmas with over 500 tickets sold.

2013 was a good year for our charity fundraising which this year was shared amongst the charities and good causes the band has performed fundraising concerts for. We collected over £2700 which, when added to the proceeds from these concerts made a staggering £9000. We have been pleased to support local charities and causes in Norfolk including the Norfolk Air Ambulance, RAFA,  Age UK, and several community projects for village halls and churches.

Our Spring concerts will be held at Taverham Village Hall on 28th & 29th March and tickets are now on sale.

Ian Colman – Musical Director