2008 Charity

The Band’s charity for 2008 was the Supersportz Kidz Club.

sskklogo (Large)A local charity working with children and teenagers with physical disabilities. These young people often find it difficult to participate in the physical and sporting activities that their non-disabled friends take for granted. Supersports Kidz Club aims to encourage these young people to see physical activity in a positive light, and help them to discover their own, and each others, individual strengths.

Sport is often difficult to access for people with disabilities, and can be quite daunting if young people lack confidence. Supersports Kidz Club aims to provide activities which build confidence, and a real sense of being part of a team, allowing success at whatever level of ability, in a mutually supportive yet competitive atmosphere.

Children with physical disabilities are being educated more and more now in mainstream schools. Although this has many benefits for all concerned, it can be quite isolating to be the only child with a walking aid, wheelchair, or leg splints. Supersports Kidz Club aims to provide access to a variety of sports, while giving children the opportunity to meet and socialise with others who may have similar disabilities, or who may even be less able than themselves, allowing them to share experiences with each other.

Young people often reduce their levels of physical activity as they get older.  This can be especially detrimental to the physical health of people with disabilities.  Supersports Kidz Club aims to develop and foster a positive and inclusive attitude to sport throughout life.

Some of the sports organised include archery, fencing, self-defence, cricket, tennis, football, sailing, canoeing, bowling, boccia, curling, table tennis, and wheelchair basketball.

One of the sporting activities that has proved most popular is Wheelchair Basketball, and regular club was set up two years ago. It meets twice a month, and has raised money to provide wheelchairs, pay for coaching fees, and for storage facilities.  The team have made so much progress that they are now ready to be registered in the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball National Junior League, which would provide the opportunity to play the game competitively against other teams across the country.  This is a Paralympic sport, and they hope that some of their members may one day be good enough to represent their country in the Olympic Games.

The sum of £2,800 was collected during 2008, which was presented to Supersports Kids Club at the Spring Concert in March 2009.