Ian’s Update November 2020

Hello everybody! This article was written at the end of September (in line with publication dates for local print magazines) so everything is based on what we knew at that time.

With the guidance for performing arts as it stands, the band committee is reviewing whether it is possible to meet the requirements to enable some rehearsals to take place.  With 2m spacing and no more than 6 in an individual group not mingling with another group….(the cornets and trombones never talked together anyway!), bell covers on instruments and so on there are hurdles to overcome but hopefully……

Turning to concerts, particularly Christmas – it is hard at the moment to know what we will be able to do in December – suffice to say the usual concert formats we are used to will definitely not take place.  Hopefully it may be feasible to offer something but who knows?  We will update in the next (December) issue once we know more at the end of October.

Hopefully as things progress in a positive direction, we can get the great support of all of us locally to get things back on track soon.

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Hope to see you all soon!

Ian Colman MBE – Musical Director – Taverham Band