Ian’s Update December 2020

My Well early October saw the Band hold its first rehearsal since mid-March with a ‘socially distanced’ group meeting at the village hall.

With 2m spacing between players, temperature checks and health declarations, bell covers on instruments we were all apprehensive as to what the first piece would sound like – it was Kool & The Gang’s ‘Celebration’ and to be honest didn’t sound too band!   After about an hour players were starting to tire out. Lip muscles need exercise and 7 months away was taking its toll.  Sadly, there is not a vast range of lip muscles exercises other than playing!

As we reach the end of October sadly concert performances seem a way off but we will keep positive. Hopefully in December we can have a few carol playing sessions at the Tesco store in Drayton which we are all keen on doing if we can and also raise a few pounds to help with our bills we have had this year with no income.

On a personal note, following a short illness my dad Brian sadly passed away in October. Many of you will know my mum and dad from the concerts and as residents of Drayton for nearly 60 years and on behalf of the family can I thank all those who have sent their best wishes.

With this being the December issue of the newsletter can I wish you the Merriest Christmas you can and hope for a much better 2021.

Hope to see you all soon!

Ian Colman MBE  Musical Director – Taverham Band

Webmaster’s update – since this article was written (in late October, to meet local magazine print publication guidelines) we have, of course, been in Lockdown 2.0 since 5th November and until 2nd December which meant, of course, that rehearsals were suspended again. As Norfolk exits lockdown inTier 2, rehearsals and performances are, once again, possible under strict guidelines. There isn’t time to rehearse, plan or book any full performances before Christmas, but look out for groups of 6 of us playing carols outside Tesco Drayton from 11am to 3pm on Sunday 20th December!

Update 18th December – apologies but, owing to unforeseen circumstances, the carol sessions at Tesco, Drayton on Sunday 20th December will no longer take place…

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