Ian’s Update September 2019

August has been slightly quieter with many band members taking a well-earned holiday. However, we did find time to play some memorable shows at Eaton Park and Kelling Heath.

Eaton Park is one of our favourite venues as the park plays an important part of Norwich’s social history. The Norwich parks were built by engaging the unemployed following World War 1. The Prince of Wales officially opened the park in 1928 and there are some splendid photos that capture the occasion. It is always an honour to plays concerts in the parks as it brings back memories of those golden days. We are grateful to the City Council who support the concerts.

The Prince of Wales addresses the crowds at Eaton Park opening ceremony in 1928

Remember to book your tickets for our “home” Taverham concerts on18th/19th October.  Your support will be very much appreciated!

Ian Colman MBE – Musical Director