Ian’s Update May 2015

Since our sell out Spring Concerts we have working hard in preparation for our busy summer schedule. Naturally many of these events are outside which can give rise to many challenges for the Band. This month we will give you an insight into what is involved in taking Taverham Band “on the road” !!!


Taverham Band in Germany

We have journeyed far and wide over the years, taking in concert tours to Germany, Holland and the north of England. Planning is essential and a great deal of time is spent in discussion with the concert venues to ensure stages are big enough with sufficient seating. Advance parties are usually sent to personally visit the concert venues and also to check the quality of hotels, restaurants and bars !!!

One of the main issues is ensuring that the equipment is transported safely. Tour buses can accommodate most of the brass instruments, but the vast array of percussion usually has to be transported separately.

In addition to the instruments, there are, of the course the uniforms, the band luggage and our stylish marquee, which protects the players from summer showers or the burning sun! Spare items are carried to cover all eventualities …. It is very likely that someone will forget to pack their band tie !!…

On arrival at a concert venue a “military operation” kicks in with the instruments being carried to the stage. Recently, in Derbyshire, this involved lifting three timpani and a vibraphone, up three flights of a marbled staircase. If you know the Bernard Cribbins song “Right said Fred” you can perhaps picture the ongoing chaos !! (although we didn’t have to “take off all the handles, and the things that held the candles”) Our loyal road crew team ensure the process goes ahead as smoothly as possible.

As far as the outdoor shows are concerned, the weather plays a major part. Whilst we can be protected from rain, blustery weather can be an issue. Music needs to be secured to the stand with varying degrees of success. So if you are out and about this summer and a piece of music blows by, please chase after it…… Its probably ours !!

You can catch us at many events over the summer months and we very much look forward to seeing you.

Sun 3rd May             2.00pm           Earsham Hall

Sat 13th June           1.00pm           Kelling Heath

Sun 14th June          2.00pm           Bishops Garden – Norwich Cathedral

Sat 20th June           (Eve)              Ormiston Victory  Academy Costessey


Ian Colman – Musical Director

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