First COVID-19 guidelines-compliant rehearsal held 13/10/2020!

And….we’re back! Last night was our first DCMS guidelines-compliant, socially-distanced, mask-wearing (except when playing), sanitised, bell-covered, non-mingling rehearsal since lockdown started – and the band was sounding great….

Not only that, the piece featured in this video was entirely new to the band – the first time they had seen it so it was sight read!

Rehearsals are being held subject to the UK Government/English laws and guidance applicable each time and are subject to ongoing review on a weekly basis.

Thanks must go to Brass Bands England ( for the fantastic set of resources which specifically tailor and translate the guidance/laws for Brass Bands.

Until such time as guidelines/laws regarding performances change, all bookings and concerts are currently cancelled but the intention is that the Band is “match fit” for performances as soon as this happens 🙂