Child Protection

Taverham Band Child Protection Policy

Taverham Band has a formal Child Protection Policy.

Our policy is based upon recommendations for brass bands issued by the East Anglian Brass Band Association.

The Child Protection Officers have received training from Norfolk County Council, and enhanced CRB checks have been carried out on Band Officers and Tutors that young people may come into contact with.

All full members of the band are receiving cascade training and are being asked to adopt a code of conduct. Similarly we shall are asking all our young members to think about the way they approach their band activities.

If anybody has any concerns or questions at any time you must not hesitate to contact the Designated Child Protection Officer.

Why have you adopted a CPP?

We do not, for one second, believe there is any risk of any form of verbal or physical abuse to any child from within Taverham Band. However, parents, guardians, and local authorities expect bodies such as ours to assess any potential risks not only real but also where misunderstanding might arise.

Although we have only a small number of young people playing in the main band, there are several being trained and of course we hope that others will join the band in the future. It is incumbent upon the band to operate in a professional manner when young people join in with band activities and when they are in the care of the band or its members.

The policy requires that the band creates and operates in an environment which ensures that actions and behaviours of everybody, young and older, are appropriate and cannot give rise to misunderstanding or to place anybody in a position where feelings, dignity or safety is compromised.

The policy protects adults as much as young people.

Whistle blowing

Nobody should fear blowing the whistle. In the somewhat unlikely event of us ever having to make a referral the matter is fully confidential unless the civil authorities decide to take action.

Even if there is only the slightest doubt it is better to mention the matter rather than hope it will go away. In very simple terms a child might be at risk if you don’t speak up.

Who can I speak to?

The Designated Child Protection Officer is Dan Polley, and the Deputy Child Protection Officer is Pam Sizer. If you need to speak to somebody and neither Dan nor Pam is available (please contact them by clicking here) you can phone the Family Protection Unit on (08448 008014), Norfolk Police (01953 424242) or in the event of an Emergency only, 999 (or 112) and ask for Police.


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Taverham Band Child Protection Policy document

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Adult Band Members Code of Conduct

Young Band Members Code of Conduct

Parental Consent Form

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